Monday, September 06, 2004

Where Is The Love? What happens when intimacy is missing? What happens when love is something we got to search from the beginning? Here are some cases: Still fresh in our brain what those Indonesian celebrities just did. A really tender-loving-care-each-other couple for 23 years, Dewi Yull and Ray Sahetapy, officially got divorced last month. The news is really shocking the public, because all of these years they known as a great couple, and many difficult problems are solved together, etc. They divorced only because Ray wants to polygamy, and Dewi Yull didn't accepted it. What??? Yes, Ray is crazy :p~ Other Indonesian celebrity couple, Dewi Sandra and Surya Saputra, also heard that their lovelife are going to rust. Some sources states that they are going to have divorce. Willy Dozan and Tini Kartini, just married for 4 months, also officially divorce. Also, a guy named Michael Villareal wants to divorce his 4 month-pregnant wife, just because he wants to marry Sophia Latjuba. The sad truth is that the vast majority of marriages have failed to achieve ONEness. Too many husbands and wives live in marriages that range from empty and unfulfilling to miserable, often wondering how in the world they got into their marriages and wishing for a way out. FDI (Family Dynamics) states that they continually hear a statistic that their work with thousands of couples leads them to believe is accurate. It says that only one in four marriages is happy. One in four. Scary, isn�t it? If true, this means that 75 percent of married couples exist in a marriage without the intimacy God intended. Unhappy and unfulfilled, they remain in their marriages for one reason or another � religious values, children, economic reasons, lack of alternatives, and the like. Some accept their sad state, believing that nothing can be done, and try to find other things in their lives to fulfill them. Others cannot accept such an empty union and grow angrier by the day, fighting and quarreling until the marriage explodes into fragments that even professional marriage therapists cannot put back together. Still others try to ignore the need, pretending that things are okay, until one day one of the partners finds that he or she has fallen in love with some one new. Another case: One of my best friends suddenly told me a story that never been told before about her. This story is shocked me also surprised me! She had a relationship with a married man. And the man is our lecturer! Gosh, it was so shocking! Luckily, this such-a-stupid-thing-to-do friend of mine realize that nothing that she could do with the man. If she still going on with the relationship, it means she ruined somebody marriage. Then, she decided to end the relationship. But my lecturer couldn't stand it. He got mad at her, and I don't know what will happen to her. He even said to my friend, "why I got married too soon?" In a moment I think, why men are so greedy? They didn't thank what they got and they have. They always wants more! Where is the love tht grew from the beginning? Hey the marriage isn't something to play with and isn't something to be regret of. Still scary, isn�t it? It is the real world. Where is the love? Today I took a break, looking at my monitor, and think of my hunny. I wish to have a happy marriage with him, happily ever after. Amen. How about you? What do you think this time? Don't forget to scratch down there and feel free to tell me what you think :)