Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Greatly Grieving.. Today I was so sad. I lost my dear handphone, it's Nokia N-GAGE. I lost it at Mal Ratu Indah, because I left it at the public telephone booth beside Gramedia bookstore. So if you feel that you had my handphone number, please delete it from your phone because the number is gone now. And please tell me your phone number by mail me or write on the tag or comment. Because I lost all the numbers. Now I had to collect 'em manually, so if I got a new handphone already (Amen!!), I'll contact u as soon as possible. Ok? Thank you..

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Splendid Things Happened! Hello all.., I'm back from relieving myself. After many days taken for hiatus and relieving, here I come, back from the rest :p~ Many things happened when I was hiatus. NuKLa's New Chapter concert, reunion with my ol' friend Debora, and the last thing is my hunny came to Makassar with full of surprises! NuKLa: New Chapter Concert @Makassar, Oct 8th, 2004. Ok, I just want to share shortly, more pictures. The story about NuKLa's New Chapter concert. The full story you may read here.
      NuKLa presents... the New Chapter!!    Siluet Adi Adrian :p~   
Surprises, surprises! As U've told you, these weeks were so hectic. So tired, so busy, need refreshing, need rest and relieving. And one thing that REALLY relieving me happened just a few days ago. My hunny was here! Last Thursday (14/10/2004) suddenly he phoned me and said that he already in the Hasanuddin Airport, Makassar, just arrived. Actually he came for a meeting, hehehe but it was still a REALLY big surprise for me! I used term "RE-CHARGE", because all my burden suddenly gone seeing him :p~
Our photobox picture, taken on Sunday 17/10/2004.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Hiatus *again* Again I'm trying to hiatus. No other reason, just getting more busier than ever. Too many things to think, too many problems to solve. Gotta think the priority now. No comment and no post for a moment. So tired, so stressed, need rest, need support, need refreshing.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

A Friend in Need is A Friend Indeed Here's my bestfriends in Dentistry Faculty of Hasanuddin University. Above: Ija, Bati, me, Helvine, Husnul. Below: Echie, Wati, Emmy, Rasymi, Incha.