Friday, May 27, 2011

#danbo wants some chocolate ice cream! :p

It is the door to your Y!mail hahaha | @Yahoo_ID

My office. Tampak jam @Yahoo_ID di dinding, thx to @della_w :D

It's me :D

Fresh seafood!! #KulinerMakassar

#danbo bercermin :p

Oma @irhapunya and her grandchild :)) |@ipulgassing

Coto Lamuru #KulinerMakassar

One of the legend coto in Makassar, Coto Lamuru. Thanks @alwaysmamie for introducing me :p

Kangkung asap. It isn't a rare food, but the important thing is, all the ingridients are fresh!

Bubur Manado

Bassang. One of my favorite #KulinerMakassar

Thursday, May 19, 2011

#danbo shows a panoramic radiograph in a dentist's office :)

Another dragonfly ;)

#danbo ketemu #robotijo | @alcatrazia @saifulmuhajir

#danbo wants spicy ramen!!

me - @della_w - @hanindyo - @henzter - cordelia

...and this is how #danbo's story ends in @Yahoo_ID hehehe :D | @henzter @della_w @hanindyo

But hold on a sec, why there's a fork coming to me? #danbo cried. | @henzter @della_w @hanindyo

Okay, #danbo is tired now, better sleep with the new blanket. | @henzter @della_w @hanindyo

#danbo is trying to get his head back. | @henzter @della_w @hanindyo

#danbo said: "my head, flying saucer pls bring it to me!" | @henzter @della_w @hanindyo

#danbo still trying to put on his head, and he saw the light.. | @henzter @della_w @hanindyo

..and #danbo confused, how to put his head back >.< | @henzter @della_w @hanindyo

#danbo found his head again! | @henzter @della_w @hanindyo

#danbo's head, lost and found. | @henzter @della_w @hanindyo