Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Back to Makassar! Last nite I flew back to Makassar. Using GA 650, departed on 9.20 pm and arrived on 00.41 am today. It was a very tired trip. I'm back, but I felt I still want to have some more vacations :( But I couldn't, must face back the stress and reality in the real life hehehe. Anyway, not forgot to tell, on last Sunday (30/08/2004), I went to Blok M Plaza with Kidy, and met Fernando "Relington" and Deta. We spent many hours at McDonald because we waited for Fernando "Relington" came. He was so late! We also waited for Anto "Acid Rain" and Vitha "Uwelz" but they didnt show up until the end of the day :( hikzz.. Then from McDonald, we went to Disc Tara and Deta met her friends from Blogbugs. There I met Udhien and one of the blogbugs member which I couldn't hear well his nickname. It's something like "ardi", "ardianto", "ariyanto"? Gosh.., is it my ears couldn't hear well, or the music was so loud, or his voice is going on the low notes?? Anyway, Udhien and this unknown person were going to the Blogbugs weekly gathering, which the schedule on that day was to the Food Heritage at Gedung Arsip. Deta said these nggak penting people gone to the nggak penting business. They often gather every sunday and did something nggak penting, which is the point is.. just gathering. Hehehe... Something that we forgot to do on that day. We forgot to took some pictures for the moments... Anyway..., welcome back to Makassar.. to me.    (left)I'm having lunch with Kidy @Sumpit, the Plaza Semanggi's Food Court. This one that I've wrote on the previous post about the very salty Ifu Mie and really not recommended!! (right) Just take a picture in front of the QB World Book, the place where I bought 2 books about Snoopy and the history about the Peanuts.    (left) Just take a pose, hahaha. (right) Enjoying "Tata Ribs" @Casablanca street, Jakarta. Really nice ribs steak and fully recommended! Yummy..    (left) Ichiban Sushi @Bale Air, Gatsoe street. Nice sushi, me and Kidy enjoyed the Capital Party Set. I got a little fever at that time but still can enjoy little. (right) Hehehe yummy Mie Ayam Pedas Istimewa @Es Teler 77, Blok M Plaza. Minutes before met Deta, Udhien and Relington. I just realize that all my pictures are related to eat! :p~*

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Glenn Fredly with "Pengakuan Lelaki" As I've told you in the previous posting, yesterday nite I went to Balai Sarbini, the Plaza Semanggi to watch Glenn Fredly's concert titled "Pengakuan Lelaki". I went with Kidy. The concert was late. It was written on the ticket that the concert will begin on 8 pm, but the reality, the concert begun on 8.30 pm. I couldn't post the pictures about the concert because it was not allowed to bring camera or video camera inside the building. Each viewers was checked by the committee and the security, to make sure that no one bring camera or video camera. Even foods and drinks are not allowed too. I saw many foods and drinks in the plastic bags were on the floor near the committee's table. If anyone get caught bring a camera or video camera in, the person will be sent out to put his/her camera somewhere else and may come in. Gosh, the security was so tight! Anyway finally we get into the building after get over all the big queue line and the security check. And after many minutes to spend in the building, 4 men suddenly show up at the right side of the building. They sang 2 songs for the opening. After that... Glenn Fredly showed up from the back right of the building, and walk into the crowded people.. across my place (I shaked hand with him! Hahaha) ..and walk straight to the stage. After a few words for us, he began to sing, started from "Selamat Pagi, Dunia!" and many of his songs in his current and previous albums. Sorry I forgot the list according to ascendence list, but I'm sure that after "Selamat Pagi, Dunia!", there is also "Terpesona", "Sedih Tak Berujung", "Belum Saatnya (Berpisah)", "Selama Kau Mau", "Cukup Sudah" (with new arrangement on this song, so groovy!!), "Januari", "Kumasih Di Sini" (in this song, he added many jam session! Cool!), "Tetes Embun", "Hatiku Terganggu", "Kasih Putih", "Habis", one of the Ambonese song "Rame-rame", "Pada Satu Cinta", and "Sekali Ini Saja" for the end of the show. He added some cool songs too, not just the songs that in his albums. Also, he added some testimony about his path of success in his life and his music career. He also do some collaburation in some of his songs, such as with Andi Rianto, Aminoto Kosin, and Dian Pramana Poetra. Near end the show, he did a duet with Albert from AFI Junior and the Nazareth Choir, sang about the human right especially for the children in Indonesia. Heheh one point, suddenly the situation and the aura of the building changes into a praise and worship service. Hehehe.. I really feel like in church ;P~ During the show he introduce his team to us: Tommy Widodo at the keyboard, Henry Budidharma at the guitar, Barry Likumahua at the bass, Marlon at the saxophone, Webster "Nyong" Manuhutu at the drums, Wawan at the guitar, DJ Joe, and percussion by Rejoz "The Groove". Also Ivan Saba and Sa'i for the RAP part. Ivan and Sa'i did the job really GREAT! Yeah.. their RAP really rocks Balai Sarbini. Overall, the concert was SO GREAT and ROCKING!! I don't regret watching the show! If the score 0 to 10, I give this concert score: 10!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

My Weekend With Hunny Hello fellaz! How r u? I'm writing here from Jakarta. Boy.., I got a really nice weekend and days in Jakarta. Tomorrow I'm gonna watch Glenn Fredly's Concert at Balai Sarbini, The Plaza Semanggi. Kidy got 2 (two) tickets! :) If you want to know what I've done on last week's weekend? Here's a few words. We were out have lunch in Plaza Semanggi (which more famous with "Plangi"). That day also was my first trip to Plangi. After walk around, we decided to stop by at the food court, which is located at the 3rd floor of the plaza. Because there were so many choices, we decided to try "Sumpit". The result? Bleah!!! !@#@#!!!#$$$#@! The food were too salty!! And finally I couldn't finish my lunch. Not recommended! Want to know more? Just jump to Kidy's blogsite, and read 'em :)

Friday, August 20, 2004

Gone to Jakarta Tomorrow, on August 21st, 2004, I'll fly to Jakarta with GA 631 early in the morning at 08.00 am. So in Jakarta probably I couldn't get internet connection because there's no internet cafe near my house, so maybe I won't posting in this blog until August 30th, the day I'll back to Makassar :) If you got anything to tell, you can reach me by email at rara79@gmail.com, or my number (081144xxxx :p~). Bye all.., and c u. To hunny: Tomorrow from Makassar depart with GA 631 on 08.00 am (WITA), and will arrive at Jakarta on 09.10 am (WIB), at Soekarno-Hatta, Terminal 2F. Don't be late yah :) I miss you.. To Deta, Relington, Ira, etc: Tunggu aku di Jakarta.. (Sheila on 7) :p~

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Statistical Package for the Social Sciences It just.. another day again without gain some results. But I learned something from drg Burhanuddin. It's about SPSS! Why SPSS? Probably you who study at Statistic or Mathematic section will ask, what does SPSS to do with a clinical dental student? Well it is really worth to calculate your data from your research. What is SPSS? SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) is a data management and analysis product produced by SPSS, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois. Among its features are modules for statistical data analysis, including descriptive statistics such as plots, frequencies, charts, and lists, as well as sophisticated inferential and multivariate statistical procedures like analysis of variance (ANOVA), factor analysis, cluster analysis, and categorical data analysis. SPSS is particularly well-suited to survey research, though by no means is it limited to just this topic of exploration. Overall, SPSS is a good first statistical package for people wanting to perform quantitative research in social science because it is easy to use and because it can be a good starting point to learn more advanced statistical packages. Anyway, why I talked about this software? Because today I accompanied Helvine to drg Burhanuddin, one of our lecturers in Public Health to have a discussion and consultation about this software. Even I'm not in the Public Health yet but this information and studies really interesting, otherwise I'll get into Public Health section in a couple of weeks. Sorry all.. no photos. Heheheh... By the way thanks to Kidy for finding me the SPSS CD program version 12, and a tutorial book about SPSS :) Also for Edri for his information about SPSS and the tutorial site address :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

A Day Without Gaining A Thing! What I did today is absolutely nothing if i got to count every moves I made. Today I suppose to show my full denture patient and partial complicated denture patient to my lecturer. My full denture patient is already in the end, the insertion of the dentures! But pending again to Friday because drg Peter wasn't show up until the most maximal time. So does my other patient, the partial complicated denture, I got to show how is the artificial tooth look like when in the patient's mouth before the dentures get into the next step, packing the acrylic. It was also pending until Friday because drg Edy or drg Bahruddin didn't show up too. So me and my friends, Emmy and Bati, gone to a small warung in front of the clinic, just for hang around while waiting my other friends finish their job in the clinic. And this is what we did... taking pictures from Denny's Nokia 7650.. :p~
So.. what d'ya think?? :p~

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

What to Expect on August 17th in Indonesia Leading up to the big event: Preparations for the patriotic celebrations begin weeks before the 17th of August. High-rise office buildings around town sprout large banners or lighted designs, fences around the presidential palace and many government offices are draped in red and white bunting, malls decorate in red and white and hold Independence Day sales, the city administration spends big bucks to create a unique series of red and white lighted decorations down the length of th main streets, housing complexes repaint their main gate decorated with independence themes. The whole town takes on a red and white hue and the words Dirgahayu RI (which means Long live Indonesia!) can be seen everywhere. Political observers, social scientists and those with opinions write 'Insights' in the newspapers and magazines on the country's progress since independence and challenges for the future as well as discussions on what the founding fathers would think of various conditions in society today. Neighborhood associations often coordinate special activities for the neighborhood children and may request donations from homeowners to sponsor games and prizes for the children. Schools hold contests to see which class can decorate their room in the most patriotic manner as well as holding games and races amongst classes. TV shows commemorating the struggle for independence are aired for weeks before and after independence day. All-star musical extravaganzas are held in various venues and broadcast throughout the archipelago. Neighborhood associations, or your local RT (neighborhood head), may organize a clean up of the area or kerja bakti. Drains are swept, weeds are cut back, debris is burned and public areas are repainted. Women are asked to provide snacks to the hard working men. Homeowners may be requested by the RT to fly the Indonesian flag for a set period of time before and after the holiday. Businesses may be asked to make contributions to fund an extravaganza of fireworks and entertainment in Monas Square as well as for other more localized festivities. In years past, neighborhood heads would ask homeowners to paint their homes, at least the front, in preparation for the big day. The President delivers the State of the Nation Address to the members of the House of Representatives, diplomatic corps and honored guests on the day before Independence Day. On August 17th: The most solemn ceremony is the flag hoisting at the National Palace, televised live. Full of pomp and circumstance and conducted basically the same way each year, it is a spectacle of the greatest respect and honor for the flag and the Republic. The ceremonies are led by the President and Vice President, and attended by the cabinet, military brass, family members of the current and preceding president, diplomatic corps and honored guests. High School students from throughout the archipelago are chosen for their marching skills and put on a show of intricate steps and turns to hoist the flag. The military is out with all its brass in high shine, standing smartly at attention in their dress uniforms. While the solemn ceremonies are taking place, neighborhoods gear up for fun and games for the kids. Krupuk (shrimp chips) eating contests, bike decorating, games, races and lots of fun fill the day. The women are busy in cooking contests to see who can make the biggest krupuk or the most delicious nasi tumpeng. One of the most popular games is the Panjat Pinang. An Areca palm trunk is erected in a public area and well greased with a mixture of clay and oil. At the top are hung various prizes like bikes and TVs. Whoever makes it to the top wins the prize. Needless to say there are a lot of slippery, muddy kids and grownups alike climbing over each other and struggling to reach the goal. A good time is had by all, especially the crowd watching the gaiety. Following the big day: In the past (before the 1997 monetary crisis) the government held a spectacular Independence Day parade on the Sunday after Independence Day; a spectacular parade of floats and marching bands which begins near the National Monument and travels down the main streets. The floats are sponsored by government institutions, state companies, private firms and foundations. The artistic skills which won Indonesia acclaim in Tournament of Roses parades in years past are enjoyed by the tens of thousands of Jakartans who show up to enjoy the spectacle. Mini Glossary: Dirgahayu RI Long live Indonesia! Kerja bakti Volunteer work conducted for the good of the community Krupuk Shrimp chips Nasi tumpeng Cone of yellow rice, with various dishes, served at ceremonies Panjat Pinang Game commonly held on Indonesian Independence Day Happy Independence Day, August 17th, 2004.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

It's Too Romantic to be Read A girl asked a guy if he thought she was pretty, he said...no. She asked him if he would want to be with her forever....and he said no. She then asked him if she were to leave would he cry, and once again he replied with a no. She had heard enough. As she walked away, tears streaming down her face,the boy grabbed her arm and said.... "You're not pretty, you're beautiful." "I dont want to be with you forever. I NEED to be with you forever." "And I wouldnt cry if you walked away...I'd die..." Love you..

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Let's Last Forever Wanted so bad, It's been so long, A feeling like this, A feeling so strong. Late night talks, Moving so fast ... We need to slow down, I want this to last. Put your trust in me, And let your feelings go, I won't let you down I just want you to know. We've both been hurt, It only made us stronger, Now let's do things right, And make this last forever Would you..? ...don't you dare... please..

Thursday, August 12, 2004

You Are ... You are the music to every song I've ever known You are all that lies beyond stars and sky You are the love for which I never question why You are the sadness in this heart you filled with joy You are the hurt that turns this man into boy You are the journey which I was meant to take You are the love for all others I forsake You are the spark to vanquish all of my fears You are the fire to light the emptiness of years You are the one forever changed what was before You are the love my heart was always longing for Source: Lovingyou.com A scratch note for this post: Damn... I miss him so much!! :( *cries* Wish he knows it... Hikzzz...

Monday, August 09, 2004

Nokia 7610! ...Thought of the Day! That's me, right there. Yes, it's me. Hehehe. It's me today, this morning. It captured just before we started a very long discussion of orthodontic treatment to a patient with periodontal breakdown. The picture taken by Ichi's Nokia 7610. Wow.. It is very cool handphone with so much features! According to PC Magazine's review, this Nokia's new handphone contains: 8MB memory; RS-MMC expansion slot; 1.8-inch 176-by-220 passive-matrix 65; 536-color display; 1,152-by-864 (1-megapixel) camera with 4X digital zoom (no flash); Bluetooth; speakerphone; 6 hours 15 minutes talk time (tested); 10.4 days standby time (estimated); GSM 850/900/1900; GPRS data. One-megapixel camera. Symbian OS third-party software available. Cool styling. No, it is not an advertising, and no one pays me to write this posting on my blog.. Hehehe it just a posting to express my admire of Nokia 7610. The phone is so interesting and catchy! The phone itself stands out, even before you take your first picture. Nokia is known for off-the-wall designs, and the 7610's swoosh-shaped keypad looks weird but works intuitively�as long as you're right-handed. It's missing a dedicated volume button, though, you have to start a call and use the navigation pad to change the volume. The phone is slender and feels light, with a clear screen that's even somewhat visible in daylight. The 7610 comes with two neat, unique applications: a mobile version of the Muvee automatic movie-editing software, which can piece together short video clips into music video-style movies; and Lifeblog, a very cool app that lets you look at all your e-mail, text messages, and videos in chronological order, together, on your phone or PC screen. Well.., actually it isn't what I want, although this Nokia 7610 supports MP3 files to play with Music Player. It didn't got a Radio FM player.. hahahaha. My N-GAGE got a MP3 player, Radio FM, and gaming features, but got no camera. I'm waiting for Nokia to produce a handphone with MP3 Music Player, Radio FM, one-megapixel camera, and gaming features. Hahah sounds silly isn't it? But who knows? Probably, one of the Nokia people read my blog and thinks to produce like what I want. LOLz :D Well.. It's just the thought of the day.. :)

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Fashionista I've read this book since last week. It was a great book, humorous and a bit of romance. For five years Vig Morgan has worked on Fashionistas, a magazine devoted to telling readers nothing about celebrity fashion. Vig survived a maniac boss and is now an associate editor in a pool of killer sharks also known as peers. Vig Morgan finally worked her way out of her position as assistant to the chief editor, Jane McNeill, only to find herself one of many associate editors with no power and no hope of a promotion. Vig isn't like the other editors anyway. For one thing, she really could care less about who wore what where and what the latest trend is. She knows that the readers of Fashionista, the magazine where she works, are ready for something with a little more edge, a little more meat, but Jane is just not interested in new and fresh ideas. Vig was hopelessly stuck in what she thought would be her dream job with no real future until Marguerite, a new editor arrived. Turns out Jane and Marguerite are bitter enemies from back in the day when they were both underlings at their first major magazine job. Vig quickly takes a shine to Marguerite and her more progressive thinking and cannot stop herself from wondering what working at Fashionista would be like if Marguerite was the chief editor instead of Jane. Then the plot thickens... A new Editor in Chief Marguerite with a zillion other names lifted from her ex spouses Holland takes charge. Ruthless Jane McNeil is irate because she felt the job should have been hers. Other associates want Vig to be the point of the revolution because publisher Alex Keller owes her for what she did for his sister. Business life could not prove more meaningful for Vig as her work proves Seinfeld had purpose. Vig's neighbor in the next cubicle over has developed a plan to depose Jane, which would ensure Marguerite's chief editor status. All they need to do is persuade Alex Keller, the mysterious events editor, to run a huge spread on Gavin Marshall, the new artist who dresses statues of Jesus in Christian Dior. There will be a public outcry over Fashionista's bad taste in running the story and Jane McNeill will be fired. And Vig is the lynchpin. The other girls need her to make sure this plan goes through. And crazily enough, Vig finds herself drawn into the game... Fashionista is an amusing insider's skewing of the publishing industry. The story line is humorous and at times very satirical especially when the heroine provides vigor to the tale. Vig is a delightful character while the support cast will leave the audience shaking their heads. Lynn Messina delightful moves Office Space from a financial realm to the publishing world with the same jabbing shots that will mean the author needs to succeed as a novelist because retreat rights across the bridge seem nuked. If the score between 1-10, I give this book's score: 8! :)

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Konser Melangkah Bersama AFI 2 di Makassar Hehehe ini mungkin the only cerita gw yang berbahasa Indonesia. Iya soale gw males aja ngetik englishnya lagi tulalit nih, maklum lagi sakit :p~ Postingan di bawah ini udah pernah gw share di milisnya Cindy AFI, tapi gw share lagi lah di sini bair teman2 yang lain juga pada tau :) Gw mo berbagi cerita sedikit nih tentang Konser Melangkah Bersama AFI 2 di Makassar beberapa hari yang lalu. Maaf gw agak telat ceritanya. Nah tanggal 1 Agustus itu ada Jumpa Fans AFI2 yang disponsori dengan bank NISP di Hotel Sahid Makassar. Acaranya off-air. Sangat kebetulan, ada teman gw yang kerja di bank NISP memberikan tiket VIP 2 lembar buat gw, karena klien-nya ga bisa datang. Gw sih asik-asik aja, lumayan untuk mengobati kekecewaan karena ga dapat tiket AFI 2 yang di Tennis Indoor Gedung Telkom. Tapi BETE-nya, hari itu gw ga bawa kamera.. weks... kacau banget, padahal ternyataaaa.. gw duduk di baris paling depan. Ya udah akhirnya gw menikmati saja. Cindy hari itu cantik sekali, pakai baju hijau dengan celana panjang putih. Host-nya Adi Nugroho. Nah pertama mereka ber-12 orang dijejerkan gitu dan diberi kesempatan untuk motret selama 3 menit. Trus si Adi Nugroho bawa-bawa microphone ke penonton untuk mempersilahkan beberapa orang yang ingin bertanya kepada para akademia. Lalu setelah sesi tanya jawab ke-12 akademia masuk kembali ke dalam. Hehehe bodyguardnya serem-serem euy!! Gile deh hehehe.. Lagu pertama dibawakan oleh Adit dengan "Tenggelam dalam Kisahmu", trus disambung oleh Nia dengan "Teman Setiaku" di mana Adit masih di panggung tapi hanya menjadi model pasangan Nia. (psst Adit ternyata keren banget lhooo :p~) Mereka berdua masuk dari para penonton.. hehehe klimpungan berat para bodyguard menjagain keduanya agar aman-aman aja melewati sejumlah penonton yang histeris :D Trus ada sesi undian yang dipandu oleh Adi Nugroho didampingi oleh Nia. Setelah itu nyanyi lagi.. lagunya Oddie Agam "Kesempatan", oleh Adi, Adit, Nia, Micky, Cindy, Haikal dan Tia. Yah... Cindy keren banget deh... pas giliran dia trio ama Tia dan Nia sempat ke depan gw, tapi sayang Cindy serius banget nyanyinya kali jadi pas gw lambai-lambaikan tangan, dia ngga ngeh :p Setelah itu Jovita, Nana, Rindu dan Lia masuk, nyanyiin lagu dangdut kalo ga salah judulnya "Rekayasa Cinta".. weh nyanyinya pertama dekat banget di depan tapi di bawah panggung, sampai bikin penonton pada histeris :p anak-anak abg di belakang pada di depan gw, jadinya gw yang duduk di depan jadi agak ke belakang gara-gara bertambah satu barisan lagi. Lalu si Haikal nyanyi "Sepasang Bayangan", kemudian dipotong ma acara tarik undian lagi. Trus masuk Tia dengan "Adilkah Ini", dengan Haikal menjadi model pasangannya. Wooo banyak yang cemburu langsung pada tereak hahah :D Setelah itu diadakan pengundian untuk memenangkan handphone dari Sony Ericsson yang terbaru. Lalu lagu "Menuju Puncak" dan Adit pas di depan gw.. wehhh jadi nyesel ga bawa kamera :( Waktu "Menuju Puncak" Cindy posisinya paling belakang :( Gw seneng banget nontonnya, semuanya ga pake lipsync, ga seperti AFI 1 yang minta ampun jeleknya acaranya. Banyak yang fals gitu.Yang lipsync cuma lagu "Menuju Puncak", karena yang ditonjolkan hanya dance-nya saja. Setelah acara, gw udah hopeless untuk bisa bertemu dengan Cindy. Soalnya gw ga tau nomor hp mbak elwienz dan gw ga terima tanggapan di mailing list. Yah memang sih gw pikir mungkin pada buka emailnya di kantor kali jadi pada ga tau gitu. Sampai akhirnya hari Senin pagi gw disms ama mbak Elwienz dan LuLu. Gw dikasih nomor handphone-nya untuk ngontak Cindy, kali aja bisa "get connected" :p~ setelah minta dukungan dari mbak Elwienz.. (thanks yah mbak!!), akhirnya gw memberanikan diri untuk ngirimin sms. Untuk nelpon gw ga berani, ntar disangkanya gw mengganggu kan malah bisa berabe :) eh ternyata ama Cindy dibalas lho (sampai skarang msh gw simpan smsny :p) isinya "Hi rara, nanti datang aja pas konser. Soalnya aku skrg lg on air di radio madama, n abs itu bru gr dgedung. Nanti gmana2nya ktmu aku, ku kabari lagi. Salam u teman2 CG. GBU".. Gile waktu itu kan gw lagi di klinik, lagi ngobrol2 juga ama teman2 yang juga penggemar Cindy. Wah langsung deh pada heboh hehehehe... Tapi saat itu juga langsung hopeless lagi, soalnya gw kehabisan tiket. Ga bisa masuk bo. Sedih juga. Akhirnya setelah nanya2 lagi ama mbak Elwienz (maaf ya mbak gw gangguin melulu :p), gw memberanikan diri untuk ngasih tau ke Cindy yang sebenarnya, bahwa gw ga punya tiket untuk sebentar karena kehabisan, jadi gw tanya aja kapan bisa ketemu kalau di luar konser, soalnya ga bisa datang ke konser. Dan gw tungguin balasannya, .. ga kunjung datang. Trus gw curhat2 lagi ma mbk Elwienz, untungnya mbak Elwienz sabar yah menghadapi keluhan gw hahaha... Nah pas gw dah mo pulang, lihat handphone, ga ada sms sama skali yang masuk, gw dah merasa hopeless aja ga bisa ketemu Cindy. Ya udah gw think positive aja, kali Cindy sibuk banget ga bisa sms gw, or mungkin dia juga ga tau mau ngapain n ga bisa ngasih keputusan, karena dia pasti sangat diproteksi oleh pihak Indosiar. Ga lama handphone gw low-batt dan mati. Gw pun pinjem handphone teman (yang kualitas suaranya emang kacau2 :p) dengan tetap memakai nomerku (handphone-nya doang yang dipinjem buat tungguin sms :p), trus nyetir pulang bareng teman-teman. Eh ga lama ada telp dari Cindy. Awalnya gw bingung, nomor siapa, karena nomornya ga ada di contacts handphone itu, jadinya ga ada nama, hanya nomernya saja. Gw angkat aja tapi dengan kecurigaan bahwa itu adalah nomernya Cindy. Eh bener deh,... tapi si Cindy nyangkain nama gw Rere.. hahaha...yah gw ralat, eh namaku Rara. Gw dengan agak2 shock gitu dengan bodohnya nanya "eh ini siapa?" n dijawab "Cindy nih", gw kaget n kontan teriak "wah Cindy??" dan langsung pula teman2 gw di mobil pada tereak... "Waaaaaaaaaa" keras banget sampai suara Cindy di handphone ketutupan ama suara mereka, jadinya gw budek-budek gitu neh.. trus belum lagi dengan handphonenya yg udah buluk hingga suara Cindy ga jelas gitu. Yah di telpon Cindy bilang "Ra, kamu bisa ikutan sebentar, aku punya tiket konser dikasih ama sponsor, tapi sayang cumn 2 dan VIP. Nah kalau kamu mau bisa ngambil skarang di belakang panggung." Trus gw tanya "waa beneran nih? boleh, tapi di blakang panggung mana n gimana caranya?" Gw pikir psti bakalan susah juga aksesnya untuk ketemu Cindy karena penjagaan ketat jadi gw minta konfirmasi gitu ada jalan ga untuk ngelewatin securitynya. Eh tau-tau Cindy bilang "Ra, coba kamu telpon aku deh di nomer ini, soalnya pulsaku..." gw langsung potong bilang "ok". Gw tutup, trus gw dial ke nomor yang dipake nelpon gw tadi. Trus dijawab ama dia, n dijelasin lagi, trus ga lama dia mesti briefing katanya ntar suruh telp lagi. Gw bingung, akhirnya gw sms dia "Cindy, kalo udah ga sibuk, miscall gw deh biar gw yang nelpon ke sana, atau informasinya dikirim via sms aja biar ga bingung." Eh ga lam dia miskol, n gw call balik. Setelah itu Cindy nyuruh bicara ama bodyguardnya yang namanya mas Heri untuk janjian ama gw ngambil tiket di mana. Ya udah gw tukar2an no telp ama mas Heri trus gw telp ke hp mas Heri. Dan kita janjian deh. Singkat cerita, gw ke tempat konser trus nelpon mas Heri setelah gw berada di tempat yang ditunjukkan. Gw ditemani ama 2 teman gw yang juga CG Makassar. Trus ga lama ketemu, n mas Heri itu bilang "nih dari Cindy" sambil nyodorin tiketnya. Gw ga percaya gt trus nanya balik "mas, beneran nih?" dijawab "iya, beneran." Trus si bodyguard ngeloyor pergi. Lalu gw sms ke Cindy ber-say thank you banget atas tiketnya, dan dijawab "sama-sama, Rara. nah selamat menikmati konser kami yah." trus gw balas tanyain bisa ngga untuk ketemu bentar aja, pada saat Cindy lagi ga sibuk gitu, eh ga dibalas2 hehehe.. :p Nah malamnya, gw pas ke konsernya, aduh gile bujubune, antrian biar VIP pun rameee banget. Dan tempat duduk VIP ga dekat panggung. Kira-kira seperti di JHCC kali, pake balkon gitu. Yang enak kelas festival di bawah, bisa dekat-dekat dengan para akademia yang lagi manggung. Yah konser berjalan sangat lancar seperti yang dilihat di tipi, tapi pada saat mbak Elwienz nanya soal sound Adit ama Nia waktu nyanyi pas awal konser, kalo gw sih dengernya normal-normal aja, mungkin sound Indosiarnya kali yang agak-agak trouble. Overall, konsernya sangat bagus!! Gw kali ini memuji Indosiar, ga bikin konser asal-asalan kayak AFI 1 kemaren. Udah gitu akademia AFI 2 lebih ramah-ramah dibandingin dengan AFI 1. Mereka nyapa para penonton dengan ramah, ga seperti AFI 1 yah sombong2, ga nyapa2 penonton atau sekedar basa-basi gitu, dan lipsync semua. Kenapa gw tau AFI 2 kali ini ga lipsync? Soalnya ada mbak Dian HP yang ikut mengiringi :) udah gitu mereka kan sempat gladi resik sorenya. Oh ya, pada jeda iklan bener2 nggak ngapa2in. Yang ada security dan panitia ngatur2 penonton dan menegur yng berlaku tidak mengikuti peraturan konser. Trus bagi-bagi aqua gelas. Selama konser gw minta pendapat ama mbak elwienz gimana cara supaya bisa ketemu. Habis konser gw ikutin saran mbak elwienz tapi apa daya handphone Cindy ga pernah aktif hingga esok siangnya. Ya sudah, gw pikir mungkin Cindy lagi capek ga mau diganggu dulu, at least gw udah bersyukur banget dikasih tiket biar bisa nonton. Thank you banget yaaaa buat Cindy dan mbak Elwienz atas supportnya. Well I think that's all. Oh yah untuk konser MB kemaren gw juga ada foto2, juga yang off-air. Kalo mo ngeliat bisa klik link "ImageWorld" di menu atas website gw ini. Salam Akademia! :p~

Friday, August 06, 2004

From The Depths Of My Soul First I was skeptical Raising up my walls from within Ordering myself not to fall Mindful, cautious, afraid, alert Time passed Herding my emotions, Closer to the edge Elevating my awareness, To what my heart speaks Desire, passion, excitement, electric Effacing the barriers Pausing for nothing Throwing myself into deep waters Hopeful, vulnerable, weak, willing Surprising myself Overcome by your love Falling so readily, so completely Mystified, overwhelmed, fulfilled, free Yearning for a future Secure and safe in your arms Over any rough seas Unabated, optimistic, aching, alive Loving you entirely.. my love

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Life in a Love -Robert Browning- Escape me? Never� Beloved! While I am I, and you are you, So long as the world contains us both, Me the loving and you the loth, While the one eludes, must the other pursue. My life is a fault at last, I fear� It seems too much like a fate, indeed! Though I do my best I shall scarce succeed� But what if I fail of my purpose here? It is but to keep the nerves at strain, To dry one's eyes and laugh at a fall, And baffled, get up to begin again,� So the chase takes up one's life, that's all. While, look but once from your farthest bound, At me so deep in the dust and dark, No sooner the old hope drops to ground Than a new one, straight to the selfsame mark, I shape me� Ever Removed! a scratch note bout this: damn! why must I... *sigh* (-_-) wish I... gosh...