Thursday, September 23, 2004

Met the President of! -Second Day- Today is a longer trip with Maknyak. Why? Because start from 9 am tomorrow, our beloved Maknyak will be moved to IAIN's Guest House, so start at that time she has to be "polite" and jaim :p~ Today me and Adhi met at the Hotel Panakukkang, where Maknyak stays, then me-Adhi-Maknyak went to pick up Leo at his office, Makassar Then the journey begins... Inside of Fort Rotterdam, Leo, Adhi, Maknyak, me. Behind us is a art stage which is usully used by some theaters. Posted by Hello Inside the museum, Maknyak-me-Leo-Adhi. Posted by Hello We remember Accang, and we took a picture in front of the thing that looked like rig where Accang works there. :p~ Posted by Hello A very old bicycle. Posted by Hello Adhi, Leo, Maknyak, me. Posted by Hello Me, Leo. Adhi, Maknyak. Posted by Hello Nice great sunset from the Fort's view! Posted by Hello Me and Maknyak catching the sunset! Posted by Hello The sunset is going down and down.. Posted by Hello Sunset and us! Posted by Hello "Let me out of here!!" yelled Maknyak. Posted by Hello Thirsty because walked around the Fort Rotterdam, Maknyak demands for an Coconut with Ice. Posted by Hello After the coconut, the dinner continue in Konro Karebosi's place. Yummy.... Posted by Hello After Konro, going to try a glass full of Saraba', a traditional drink made from ginger, sugar palm and milk. Posted by Hello Back to the hotel... Posted by Hello Maknyak's style when we back to the hotel :D Preman! Posted by Hello Me and Maknyak. Dhuarrr!!!! Posted by Hello