Saturday, September 11, 2004

Some Stories... First, I want to congratulate my friends: drg. Rahmawati a.k.a Wati, drg. Ira Desti Saptari a.k.a Echie, and drg. Rasymi Rasyid a.k.a Ammy for their graduation to be a dentist. Whoa.., still long journey for me to reach the goal because I just graduate for my BDS (Bachelor of Dental Science) last year, which makes me stay still in clinic for the next 1 year then graduate hehehe. Just be patient. There always the time for everything :) Second, this is what happened on last Tuesday (07/09/2004), I didn't post yet because I want to include this story with the pictures. Takes time to reduce the pixel and size of the pictures. On that day we're going to have dinner with the three new dentist mentioned up there. But while waiting for them finished practice for the graduation, me and my friends went to my home and take a rest there. Well, really take a rest because many things happened. Hahaha :D Here's the pictures and feel free give your comments. Crazy isn't it? :p~
   (left) This is not as you thought hehehe. Erase your dirty mind :p~ They just sleep and pretend something to make you react of what are they did. (right) The picture really shows that we're really tired and let's take a nap.    (left) Bati (pink shirt) wants to try wearing contact lenses but couldn't put them on. Since it was her first time and she afraid to do herself so Husnul (left) and Emmy (right, the one that shows her leg only) helped her to put the contact lenses into her eyes. (right) This scene looked a like a cataract operation hahaha.. it was the effort to put those contact lenses right into Bati's eyes. Hahahaha :D~