Saturday, September 25, 2004

Maknyak Gone From Makassar Today Maknyak gone from Makassar, flew to Surabaya by Mandala Airlines on 17.30. Story details you may read on Adhi's blog. All the pictures were from Adhi's camera, so I have nothing hehehe... The last day of meet and greet with Maknyak was not so hillarious as those 2 days. I joined Adhi and Maknyak on 1 pm, when Adhi and Maknyak had been from eating Jalankote and Lumpia Lasinrang. They were at the internet cafe when I joined them. We get online until 2 pm, after talking and chatting at YM Conference Room with mbak Rieke, tutup_panci and kidy :p After that, we went to the place where Maknyak stayed, and spent some hours until the time she had to go to the airport. To the airport, Maknyak went with Mr. Dean's car, Adhi and me by my car. At the airport, Adhi badly need to go to the toilet. And while he went to the toilet, we must go in (without any payment because we were with Mr. Dean), and left Adhi alone hahahaha.. While inside, we keep messaging Adhi to come in, by some cheat way. First we told him to wait, but when there seems no chance for us to go out again, we told him to fool the security. But he was too nice-guy to do that. He waited (as you can see on the picture above), then he went to buy the passticket hehehe.. Anyway, goodbye Maknyak, see you at your next coming to Indonesia. I hope we can meet again, I was really nice to meet someone like you :)