Thursday, September 09, 2004

Indonesia in Deeply Grieving, Bomb Blasted at Australian Embassy! A massive car bombing near the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, today around 10.30 am, rattled Indonesia's financial markets, driving the stock market lower and prompting the government to warn it may delay the sale of state-owned assets. No diplomats who were working inside the building were hurt but the embassy's Indonesian staff manning the security post outside were injured and one security guard died. The staff were immediately evacuated. Security is already very tight at foreign embassies in the capital. The Australian Embassy's solid fence withstood the impact of the blast but not the gate fence. Scores of buildings had their glass facades smashed and several foreign companies such as accounting firm Price Waterhouse Coopers quickly moved their employees away from the vicinity. Vehicles were wrecked. Over at the hospital, a scene of sheer misery as medical staff struggle to cope with the injured. More than 100 people are hurt and some critically. Indonesians are in shock by the sheer impact of the blast. By the time I write down this posting, I heard that 8 (eight) killed and 168 in severe wounded. Those who are killed, only 4 are identified. The rest is still unknown. Certainly we don't think about death for long periods of time. On the other hand, we do think about our death fairly frequently, even if it is just for an instant before we put it away for our other thoughts.There are many things I don't understand and several things that I truly doubt will happen the way some people think. However, I'm fully aware of this beat-up body that I carry around � based on my Lord's promise � will be replaced with a wonderful new one. Gosh! OMGPDA, what happened to this hectic world? People are so insane, too discriminative to think. Do they think that if they blast the bomb, the international relationship between Indonesia and other countries will be crush too? Do they think that if they blast the bomb, other Indonesian people may be or most of them are the victims? Today, is the most worst day in Indonesia, after bomb blast in Bali and JW Marriot. I wondered, why every year we have to watch bomb blasts? Today I'm grieving here, with all Indonesian who cares about this severe accident which should not happen again! :(