Friday, December 24, 2004

Happy Birthday, my love Nuy Kidy! Birthday comes once a year creeping up on us, we all cheer We all enjoy this special day and celebrate it, our own way A beautiful birthday wish for you and all your dreams become real too Now is the time, to ask for your dreams this day is lucky, so it seems Another year, crept up on you not just a year older, but wiser too! God placed his hand upon our shoulder our health and life, God is the holder Ask your wish, it may come true I know at our age, it's definitely due Close your eyes, wish good and hard I hope you enjoy your Birthday this year.. Today of all days, I wish I could be, The one in your arms, its your birthday you see. Could hug you and kiss you, and hold your hand tight, Be with you all evening, so perfect, so right. But reality is hard, you are too far away on the other city, But its so nice just thinking, of what might have been. Love you.. Wish you all the best in the whole world and always success in your life. God bless you, hunny..!