Saturday, January 02, 2010

About Teeth

Teeth. Teeth are not discussed here is not about the music band vocalist Armand Maulana got it. Gigi here is one of the accessories in the mouth that has three very important role. Is it?

To speak (phonetically). Of course! Let''s see grandmothers who are toothless. The way her speak must have been obvious, is not it?

To chew food. Yes, for the consumption of any food, any lenient we think, we still need teeth to chew the food we eat. Purpose is to make the food intake that can be digested well by the subsequent digestive organs. What if not well chewed? Pity, then the digestive organs will work super hard to soften the food we eat. The result? Stomachache. Hehehe.

For aesthetics. However cool person, but if the front teeth missing, shame on you! Hehehe.

Now the tooth structure, shape, and nearly the same amount. In children there are 20 pieces baby teeth, consisting of 4 incisors, 2 canines and 4 molars in both jaws (upper jaw and lower jaw). In adults, normally amounting to 32 permanent teeth, consisting of 4 incisors, 2 canine teeth, small teeth 4, and 6 large teeth in both jaws (upper jaw and lower jaw). So, what''s the difference adult teeth and the teeth of children? Adult teeth and children''s teeth can be distinguished from the shape, color, size, number, and the tooth structure.

Teeth are visible in the mouth, not as beautiful as roses and leaves of kelor. Teeth that we have is one of a complex organ. That small still have some important parts. Although disparate forms, each tooth had the same anatomical structure of each tooth and each person. Visible in the mouth is called the crown of teeth. And there are parts that are embedded in the gums and jaw bone, called the root of the teeth. Trus term, neck teeth, namely the boundary between the crown of teeth and tooth roots. Layer of the outermost teeth email name. Is a part that can be seen by us, and believe not believe, this is the hardest part of our body. The next layer called dentin, with a slightly yellowish color. Then after dentine, we will find a section in the last tooth, called the pulp. This is a pulp cavity in the tooth root, which contains many blood vessels, nerves and vessels. Because the pulp space is very small, so if there is infection or inflammation of the teeth, felt more pain than the pain in other parts of the body. Therefore pain can interfere with dental work activities, right?

Thus the discussion of the teeth, until the next article:)